What it takes to complete a brilliant Maths dissertation

You will need to follow these guidelines from DissertationExpert in order to complete a brilliant Maths dissertation

  • Choose your topic carefully
    • Your professor may have already given you a list of topics that are probably based on curriculum themes.
    • Choose a topic that you are interested in and feel that you can sustain interest in.
    • If you are not interested in a topic then you are going to find it hard to keep your reader interested.
  • Look at examples.
    • Your professor may be able to provide you with some examples of work that other students have completed.
    • Look at examples with a critical eye. Ask yourself why some of the dissertations are better than others?
    • If you have to opportunity to look at a dissertation that has been marked and annotated, see if you agree with the remarks.
  • Choose a topic that you are comfortable with.
    • When you are about to embark on writing a dissertation, it is not the time to start to learn new things about the subject.
    • If you are not sure then, make a list of the areas that interest you most and how you could apply theory to practical applications.
    • Feel confident about your topic. If in doubt, talk your ideas over with your professor.
  • Plan your time.
    • Start by planning your time. Be realistic as to how long it will take you to complete the whole of the task.
    • Embark on a project diary, where you can write down any ideas as they occur to you. This will be invaluable as a memory jogger.
    • In your planning, make sure that you leave time to write as you progress – try not to leave it all until the last possible moment.
  • Craft your opening statement.
    • It does not matter what level you are writing at, always give consideration to our opening sentence.
    • Once you have got the attention of your audience they will be eager to read more, it does not matter if it is a novel or a scientific paper.
    • For an academic piece of work do not start on with a joke to get the interest of your reader.
  • Finished?
    • Maths is based on logic so make sure that your work is presented in a logical progression of ideas that the reader can easily follow.
    • Make an edits as you read through your work, preferably also get someone else to read through your work.
    • Take the time to carefully proof read your work. Leave it for a day or two then read through it again and correct any mistakes.

    Good Luck with your brilliant dissertation.

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