Tips for Drafting a Dissertation in One Year

Writing a dissertation takes a lot of time. Many students go through the hassle of writing the paper when the deadline is around the corner. A dissertation is a severe academic paper that will require and demand your effort, time, and dedication. It involves a lot of research, a lot of thinking, and certainly a lot of writing. It feels exhaustive, and at some point, you may feel like checking out. But if you're serious about getting a degree, you’ll have to steer on. Here are some tips to help you draft your dissertation in one year.

Excellent writing begins with good reading

As you have probably heard, if you want to be a good writer, then certainly you'll have to be a good reader. Active reading will help you formulating ideas before writing, and you also have more time to learn about the different types of writing styles and the argumentative moves to take. Ensure that you take notes on the material you read. Take notes on the insights, reactions, quotes, and arguments you will later structure into paragraphs.

Make moderate commitment

To do this, you can commit or write a daily word count or page count. You can set yourself a realistic goal that can also be flexible. For instance, you can say your aim to write about 500 to 1000 words daily. You can also commit to a daily goal that aims at consistency. For instance, you can achieve to take 2 hours every day and stick to it.

Normalize taking breaks

Taking breaks is a good thing. As per the previous point, if you put yourself to take breaks between your writings, you'll have time to refresh yourself and come back with the revamped mind and body to continue with the work. For instance, you can walk for five days every week and take their two days to rest. As long as you hit your target, you can always get flexible on the days you take off.

Take note of the blank page

The fear of having a blank page is more than real. To avoid this, the best thing you can do is start the next page with a few lines to start the next day. Starting all over is unless something had to do, especially if you have to go back to the previous work to get the motivation that you need to continue. You can also revise and read whatever you've done the day before as it will help you refresh your memory and style of writing.

Find yourself a notebook

Most of the time, you'll find yourself thinking about your dissertation even when you're not writing. The best ideas may come when you're walking, taking a shower, or when in a restaurant taking lunch. When that revelation lights you up, note it down. Please do not lie to yourself that you'll remember it later because you won't. This best dissertation writing service will also help you get some fresh ideas, which can help you so much when writing a paper. Try that out.

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