Writing A Thesis About Slang: 10 Strong Suggestions

Writing a thesis is one of the most difficult things you will have to do in order to get a degree. The first step towards a successful paper is selecting a good topic. The topic has to be unique and impressive. You cannot write on something that has already been worked on. So what you will have to do is select new and impressive topics to work on. One such topic is slang and its various usages. Slangs are as old as the language itself. Humans learnt to swear as soon they learnt to talk. So this is an interesting topic which has not been explored too much.

Find a niche topic

Now writing about slangs can be difficult if you decide to cover the whole topic. What you have to do is narrow it down to something in particular so that there is ample scope for you to work on. When you write about something specific you get credibility for your choice. This lends a certain weight to your thesis and you are sure to get good grades if you write on something interesting. The tick is finding something that is equally interesting and diplomatic. You do not want the paper to be boring neither do you want it to be filled with obscenities. It has to be tasteful and has to give the reader a new perspective. Here are some helpful suggestions to make your search easier from the dissertation writers for hire.

List of topics on slang:

  1. 1. The various slangs popular across the internet and how they are being used.
  2. 2. The evolution of the working class slangs. How they have changed through the decades.
  3. 3. The psychological reasons that make a teenager use slang.
  4. 4. The ways that parents can stop their children from swearing.
  5. 5. The various abbreviations of slangs popular across social networking sites and how they were formed.
  6. 6. The history of slang and how they have changed due to the digital age.
  7. 7. Should slangs be censored to protect impressionable young minds?
  8. 8. Why do most people swear? Is it because they are frustrated or because they are angry. A psychological study.
  9. 9. The usage of slangs across the American society. How does the slangs of the upper class change from the lower class.
  10. 10. What does the usage of slang tell us about that person? Does it mean he is uncouth or simply a simple minded person?

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